Spectrum Shadow Square Candle Holder,Clear

699.00 kr

When Luxurious Crystal Candle Holders Matter

The Shadow Square Candle Holder Collection is designed to be a Unique, Luxurious and Decorative addition to the home decor.

The Collection is available in 8 colors which ensures rich styling solutions and options.

Besides suitable for a square candle, the Square Candle Holder can also be used as a design object without a candle.

Decorate it with complementary candle holders for other types of candles or with beautiful vases.

Important Information
Please note that the Shadow Square Collection is made of solid Crystal. Therefore do not place the candle holder in direct heat of the sun because crystal can function as a magnifying glass.
Do not burn the candle down to the crystal.
Carefully clean the candle holder with a cloth.


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